10. The Life We Bury

By Allen Eskens

Rating:  4 out of 5

This is a book I found while searching for an “award winner” for book club.  We didn’t choose this for book club, but I’m reading it anyway.  Based on the last sentence of Chapter 6, I already have a theory about what happened.  I was wrong about Don’t Go, though.

Chapter 6 is a well-written good setup to the story about to be told.

Good line:  “Carl may be dropping weight like a snowman in a skillet, but don’t underestimate him.”


I’m already more than halfway through this book.  It is a good, fast read.  It is telling a couple of stories, and doing it well.  The relationship between Joe and Lila is developing at a realistic pace, unlike the relationship between the two main characters in The Promise.

Content alert:

The book has the major profane words and references to three rapes, so far.  The end had a little more violence than I like, but this book gets a thumbs-up and a recommended read from me.

Buy it from Barnes & Noble


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