18. Apparent Danger

By David Stokes

Rating:  2.5 of 5

On page 76, Stokes uses words that mischaracterize a crime.  He refers to “…D. C. Stephenson’s rape and mutilation of a girl – a girl who then committed suicide…”

The crime was horrible, don’t get me wrong, but the “girl” was 29 years old.

This author gets distracted by his research.  He goes off on tangents, telling stories unrelated to the core story of the book.  Right now, I’m reading a little of the history of newsboys, and one in particular, who grew up to be a famous golfer I never heard of.  (Ben Hogan, if you care.)

Aarrggh!  This was a slog to read.  It was a very interesting story told in a very boring way.  I’ve finally finished.


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