Bus Life

Not too long after we married, Phillip said he would like to retire early. I had no disagreements with that plan, so I jumped on that project and worked with retirement calculators until I determined that we might be able to retire at 52 and 54.

Some time later, he said he would like to live in an RV in retirement, and travel around to disasters helping people.  That sounded ok to me too, so in 2013, we got trained and credentialed with Texas Baptist Men Disaster Relief.  The same day, we volunteered in West, Texas, after the fertilizer plant explosion.  In November that year, I went out with a box unit to Austin, TX, after floods devastated that area.

Now, we’ve taken another step in the plan.  I went to Arkansas over Mother’s Day weekend.  I came back ready to buy an RV and go back to Arkansas.  We got money out of the bank last year with the intention of buying an RV.  Phillip wasn’t on board with the one we looked at, so we didn’t get it.

After I got back from Arkansas, Phillip identified 2 RVs at PPL and 1 bus in Ohio that looked good.  That Friday we went to PPL and didn’t see anything I liked.  That evening we talked to the guy selling the bus.  We liked what we heard, negotiated a price we liked, and made plans to fly up the following Wednesday to see the bus.

Hank Brownell picked us up in the bus at the Cleveland airport.  We drove to the “cell phone” lot, checked out the bus, and sealed the deal.  We had to drive to a nearby Harley dealership to get a paper notarized.  Hank took us back to the airport and we flew back home.  Hank delivered the bus to my parents’ house this past Monday.

We are excited about this new step.  Phillip has been checking out the bus and making minor repairs.  This morning, we have to move the bus, so my dad can get a car out of his driveway.  This will be our maiden voyage, and we’ll do some bus chores while we are out.

Stay tuned!