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From an email from Bill Clinton:

Hillary’s not just a change talker, she’s a changemaker. Here’s a story you may not know: When I was governor of Arkansas, our state had six of the poorest counties in America. And Hillary told me how worried she was: “We’ve got all these kids starting school and their parents can’t read — they’ll never catch up. But I read about this program in Israel for new immigrants who teach the parents to become their children’s first teachers. I think it would work here.”

“Great,” I told her. “What are we going to do?”

“Oh, I called the woman who started it. She’ll be here in ten days, and we’re going to start the program.”

Next thing I know, I’m going to graduations for preschoolers all across the state — and then it’s in 26 states, and it’s still thriving.

I didn’t do that. She did that. She hadn’t been elected to anything — she just made something good happen. There are thousands of people in this country today who have better lives, learned more and grew up ready to succeed, just because she’s always cared enough to help the people around her.


Hillary Clinton

I’m posting this here because maybe 2 people read this. ┬áIf I posted it on my Facebook page, I would be blasted and condemned by all the Republicans I know.

Let’s elect the first woman President of the United States, 96 years after women got the right to vote!!